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What Is Multivariate Testing?

That's a great question! To answer it, we need to define it's poorer cousin first. What is "split testing"?

Here's the deal. Every word on every sales page helps you make a sale... or lose it. Not only that, the fonts you use, the colors you use and your layout all either contribute to making a sale... or losing it. That's just a fact.

So, we could look up there at the headline for this sales page and decide to change just one word... or maybe leave out just one word. Then if we were to rotate the sales page so that every other visitor saw the headline with that word and the other 50% of visitors saw the headline without that word... that would be "split testing" otherwise known as A/B testing.

After a few dozen sales, we could see which version of that variable (the headline) contributed to more sales. If you think about it... that's pretty exciting.

It's also pretty overwhelming. Think about all of the variables that could be tested on any sales page... the colors, the fonts, the layout, the headline, the product description, the guarantee, the call to action, the pictures... wow! That could take a thousand years to test with split testing!

Multivariate testing is the solution. You load up all of those variables (ie: headline, product description, product picture, guarantee, etc.) into the multivariate testing system right at the beginning (athough you can add more later). With multivariate testing, the system randomly selects a version of each variable every time a new visitor comes to the sales page.

But actually... it isn't random! The very first time you make a single sale... that randomness changes. It will now start to show the version of the variables that made the sale more often. It doesn't show them all of the time because there might be other versions of those variables that actually sell better... but it "learns" with every single sale and shows the versions of each variable that are more likely to make a sale. It does this all automatically!

That's multivariate testing in a nutshell. It's an extremely powerful way to put your sales letter on autopilot and allow it to "learn" how to sell better... and automatically make the adjustments to do just that!

Can MuVar Be Used On Any Kind Of Site?

No. Unfortunately the technology used slightly limits the type of site that MuVar can be used to optimize. It can be used on any HTML page. If your sales page ends with a .html or a .htm, then you can use MuVar on it.

MuVar is a PHP script, so there is no way to use MuVar on a PHP page. So if your page ends with .php, then MuVar can NOT be used to optimize that sales page.

It also can't be used on .shtml pages if they actually use SSI because the SSI would never be interpretted. ASP pages can't be optimized with MuVar for the same reason.

You can use any technology you wish with an HTML page though. Javascript is just fine. So is Flash and CSS. Tables, graphics... anything that can be put on an HTML page is just fine. MuVar can deal with any kind of HTML page.

So, before you order MuVar, make sure your sales page ends with a .html ending. If it does, you are OK. If not, then you might have a problem getting MuVar installed unless you first convert your sales page to HTML.

Doesn't It Take Forever To Get Results From Multivariate Testing?

No. Of course not. You get results much, much faster with multivariate testing. With your very first sale, you have some data on every single variable under test. With split testing, you have data on only one variable.

In fact, you are much more likely to get your first sale much faster with multivariate testing. Until that first sale, it is randomly choosing between every single combination of variables you loaded. Because of that, you are more likely to randomly show that magical combination that has a high conversion ratio (ie: sells better).

Give it a try and see what I mean. Don't wait 1,000 impressions to get that first sale because most of the copy on your page needs to be optimized. Allow MuVar to optimize it all at the same time and perhaps get that first sale after 50 or 100 impressions.

Can MuVar Handle My Web Analytics Needs?

We recently had a customer complain that they didn't like the idea of giving all of their data to Google just to get basic web analytics reports.

Who does?

MuVar provides all of the web analytics in our own business. It can easily handle tracking the source of traffic and sales.

The current version of MuVar allows you to track traffic by four different methods all at the same time. Here they are:

1. Clickbank hoplink. If you sell your product via Clickbank, MuVar automatically shows you which sales came from Clickbank and even the affiliate ID of the Clickbank user.

2. URL. MuVar automatically captures the URL that was clicked on to lead to your sales page. That's true even if someone clicks on a link and then bookmarks your page and comes back 20 times via the bookmark or by typing in your URL. MuVar still knows how they originally got to your sales page and will show you the URL of any traffic and sales.

3. Domain. MuVar also chops the URL down to a domain only so that you can see all of your traffic from Google Adwords or other advertising that will show separate URLs for each click. With MuVar, you can see your conversion ratio for each URL (each keyword you bid on in Google Adwords or other advertiser) and you can see your overall conversion rate, traffic and sales from Google as a whole.

4. A method you can control completely yourself. If you can control the URL of the click, you can use the S parameter to set the source of the traffic and track that separately.

If you are doing article marketing for instance, you can use a URL to your site that includes the s parameter and MuVar keeps track of that traffic and gives you monthly reports on the source of your traffic, number of sales, conversion rate and visitor value. You just send traffic to where xxxxx is a unique code for each article. This gives you complete control over how you want to divide up your traffic reports.

All of this is built into this version of MuVar. You don't need any external tools to use MuVar for web analytics.

It is the most used software in our own business. We use it for multi-variate tracking of sales pages, to improve business processes and yes... even web analytics.

MuVar Now Supports A Corporate Config File

In the past, MuVar has been installed completely independently for each sales letter. Sometimes, you might install it in multiple folders on the same site for different sales letters, but each installation has been completely independent and they don't talk to each other at all.

One problem that has caused was changing passwords. we have over 200 products each with their own sales letter being optimized using MuVar. Many of our customers have even more.

What happens when you want to change your administrator password?

Yep. Until now, you had to open the misc.php file in every single installation of MuVar and change it for each sales letter.

The latest version of MuVar fixes that. Now there is a file called corpconfig.php that you can put in your root folder and it's settings will override the settings in the misc.php file that is installed for each sales letter being optimized by MuVar.

Now you can go to this one file and change one line and your admin password is changed for every single MuVar installation on that entire site!

"I am very impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of your MuVar software.

Each time I set up a sales page it lets me quickly optimize it.

There is simply no faster way to test large numbers of variables and eliminate those that are working less well.

Thanks for one more outstanding product!"

Bruce Eichelberger
Reno, NV

"MuVar is the only testing tool that tests multiple on page factors quickly, very quickly & refines the report process into a simple web based check.

No other program I've looked at offered this degree of simplicity.

It is a testament to the sophistication of it's creator's programming skills & it's ratcheting up the conversion rates of my sales pages day in, day out."

Derek Fisher
Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, United Kingdom

"I’m a big fan of MuVar.

I’m a copywriter “by trade” - math isn’t my strong point.

Even with spreadsheets, calculators, and split testing scripts which would “tell” me which version worked better, I would hate split testing sales copy. (Even though I knew it was one of the most profitable business activities I could do)

Since I picked up MuVar, all I need to do is hit a button and the sales copy optimises itself.

Plus I can test multiple variables just as easily as doing a single split test.

I’ve been using and recommending it on client projects too."

Brent Hodgson

"I own most of your products and enjoy working with each one. Each one solves a specific problem and does it well.


…no matter how many great scoring headlines I create in Glyphius, no matter how much I generate out of all the traffic procedures I implement, no matter how much work I do on my websites or how well my interns work….

…if I don’t test all the elements, how do I know what works best?

If I didn’t own and use MuVar, I would be dead in the water.

Traffic is not worth much if it doesn’t convert into sales or leads.

And the only way I can ensure I have the best converting set of page elements is through continuous testing.

MuVar does that and does it very well."


"I've used MuVar on a few different sites for a few different purposes (sales letters, optin-forms, squeeze pages), and have always seen improvements in my conversion rates.

How fast has depended on the amount of traffic, but the improvements were always there.

Now whenever I set up a page that I want to track/improve conversions on I always use MuVar.

It is simple enough and works. I like that."

Eric Koshinsky
Saskatoon, Sk., Canada

"Should I use a size 5 blue headline, a size 7 red headline, or one of the two using a Tahoma font?

I didn't have to decide, because MuVar figured it out for me.

MuVar showed me that variable version #4 (the Tahoma, size 5, blue headline) has a visitor value of $2.33 with a 3.45% conversion rate, and is winning against its closest contender (the size 7 headline).

How is that for results?

Thanks MuVar!"

Aaron Brandon
Seattle, WA

"MuVar is the best multivariate testing software I've used...and I've tried several, including some 5X the cost.

Why is it so good?

First, it is far easier to use, meaning that I can deploy it on all of my sites faster.

Second, it achieves a more profitable version of the sales letter faster.

Third, it's more automated, allowing me to "set it and forget it."

Must-have software for the internet marketer!"

James Baler
Canaan, CT, USA

"I’m a big fan of MuVar.

Being a copywriter 'by trade', I'm good at words, but I hate math.

Even with spreadsheets, calculators, and split testing scripts which would do the math for me, I would hate split testing sales copy. (Even though I knew it was one of the most profitable business activities I could do)

Since I picked up MuVar, all I need to do is hit a button and the sales copy optimises itself.

Plus I can test multiple variables just as easily as doing a single split test.

I now use it on all of my sites, and recommend it to all of my clients."

Brent Hodgson
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"MuVar took a sales page that was converting at 0.8% to a current conversion rate of 1.7% within a matter of 2 weeks.

This is on a $47 product and I receive approximately 300 unique visitors per day to this 'MuVared' page.

Let's break this down to understandable numbers. I was making 2-3 sales per day giving me a gross profit of $94-$141.

All I tested was headline, guarantee and call to action. I now make 5 sales per day which gives me a gross profit of $235.

This is an extra $94 per day or $34,310 per year from LESS THAN 4 HOURS of work.

I can't think of an easier way to get a pay increase."

Woody Maxim

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